Friday, October 27, 2023

What's on my Workbench: Fall 2023

 Here is what is on my workbench this fall...

ScaleTrains AC4400s

I am currently working on a batch of AC4400 weathering commision projects. I love commisions as they are an opportunity to weather models I wouldn't otherwise acquire for my own collection. This batch of five locomotives will receive light to heavy weathering to represent a mid-90's appearance. 

I am mainly working with my airbrush to weather these. I have been able to get some fantastic results with spraying Tamiya acrylics through my airbrush which helps speed up the weathering process. Detail work invovles applications of oils and enamel washes. 

Walthers Mainline 60ft Gunderson Boxcars

Between 2021-22 I acquired a small fleet of the Walthers Mainline 60ft Gunderson boxcars in an effort to economically expand my operating fleet. In the past year I have started weathering these cars, again mainly with the airbrush, oils, and enamels. As I finish these cars, I plan to sell them given my lack of need for fleet fillers at the moment and desire for more highly-detailed equipment (more on that in the months to come). 

CP 218076 will likely not be sold as its unique and heavy weathering is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I will likely try to add finer details to bring it up to snuff. 

Atlas ACF 4650 Covered Hoppers

These factory-patched covered hoppers will be a great addition to my operating fleet with their unique combination of heavily rust and relatively clean patches. I have one to keep and one to sell!

Intermountain GPWX Woodchip Gons

To round out the weathering projects are a set of former SP now GPWX (Georgia Pacific) smooth-sided woodchip gons. These are iconic cars for the region I model and fantastic weathering projects. The cars are by Intermountain and will receive both detailing and weathering. 

Scatchbuilt Sheds

Finally, for a change of pace, I tried my hand at some scratch-building. This shed are based on the tool sheds in the UP yard in Oakridge, OR. Paint and detailing to come.

New Workbench

And finally, here is a picture of my new workbench, which happens to be in a finished shed in the backyard. The modular desk and chairs are from Ikea. All my supplies fit in the 3 drawers to the left of the chair. I have a small shelf for models and my airbrush just out of the photo to the left. 

Look for another update from the workbench this winter. I have some great projects in the pipeline for myself and others. Happy modeling!


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